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About Qlic

Qlic into action…


With the worlds first multifunctional tablet stand with charging capabilities, for home, businesses and use in educational settings.

Helps prevent neck and wrist strain from extensive use of tablets and smart phones

Educational Use

Qlic Home Use

Adjustable viewing angle addresses bad posture which can contribute to "text neck" and other stress injuries (RSI)

Robust construction and non-slip pads for holding your device securely for browsing, gaming ....or those messy jobs

Educational Use


Compatible with your favourite device.

Got an Android tablet? or even an Apple iPad?

No matter which tablet device you use Qlic tablet stand can charge it either cable or wireless

(Wireless Receiver Patches sold seprately)


Home Use

Corporate Use

Educational Use

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Qlic provides in-use charging of smart phone or tablet device when connected to the stand.

Never be without a fully charged device.

It does not matter what you call our stand.  Tablet Stand, Tablet Dock, Tablet Platform, Tablet Mounting… the most important thing to note that it is unique on the market.

Qlic Stands are universal accepting most smart phones, tablets and e-readers.  They are not brand or model specific.  Most devices can be charged during use using either a connection cable or by wireless inductive charging.

Qlic Basic provides an adjustable stable support for your tablet, without charging provision.

Qlic Cable offers an additional charging function and is available in three models with different connectors to suit your tablet / smart phone.

micro USB is the most common connection port for charging and data transfer commonly found on Android Devices.

Apple Lightning connectors are used on I-pad and I-phone devices.

The latest standard of connector USB-C is a reversible connector now found on newer devices and used with Android and Windows based devices.  Qlic cable supports all these different interfaces.

Qlic Wireless provide wireless charging for devices fitted with integral inductive charging and we also offer Receiver Patches in our accessories page to upgrade your existing devices – including tablets – to wireless charging.

There is no set-up needed for Qlic.  Simply connect the supplied cable to the rear of the stand. Plug the other end into the mains adaptor supplied originally with your device and you are ready to go.

Then simply pop your tablet into the cradle connect the cable tail to your charging port and your device will begin to charge.

With our Qlic Wireless stand and our Wireless patch receiver (sold separately) we can enable most non-Apple devices, not currently compatible for wireless charging (Apple Wireless Receiver Patches are coming soon).

If your phone or tablet does not have wireless charging built in, upgrade your device with a Wireless Receiver Patch.

Simply insert the connecter on the Wireless patch to the charging port on your device, attach the patch to the rear of your device, replace any protective cover and rest your device in Qlic’s cradle to charge.  It will also work with a desktop charging pad.

Be sure to select the correct patch for your device – check our compatibility page here

Built and designed with the end user in mind at all times Qlic is the new tablet stand suitable for most tablets currently on the market, ranging from 5 -12.8 inch screens and up to 20mm thick (including portfolio case) and also supports smart phones and e-readers.

Qlic can be used in presentations, reading, gaming, browsing the web or simply charging.

Anywhere you can use a tablet indoors – Qlic is ideal!!

Our lightweight and durable stand is suitable for use in the home, school or workplace, providing a hands free stable platform to hold your device with adjustable viewing angle.

Extensive use of tablets and smart phones can lead to neck and wrist strain particularly in the young.  Qlic provides a solution to minimise strain from long periods of tablet use.

  • Use Qlic in the Home, study, kitchen, garage
  • Use Qlic in Schools, classrooms,
  • Use Qlic for Business, office desk, board room, reception. Qlic is ideal for visitor log-in and information terminals.
  • Qlic for business also provides permanent mounting options for wall and desktop.
Illuminated Base on all charging stands

Working With

Leading up to the launch of Qlic and during the development process as a company we were very lucky to be able to work with a range of fantastic local companies. As of November 2016 Qlic’s creators PD Components are also proud to be members of The Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce.

Have any questions or ideas?

You can contact PD Components Sales on +44 (0)1782 822171/ +44 (0)1782 817851 or email sales@qlic.co.uk.