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About Qlic

Qlic into action…


With the worlds first multifunctional tablet stand with charging capabilities, for home, businesses and use in educational settings.

Helps prevent neck and wrist strain from extensive use of tablets and smart phones

Educational Use

Qlic Home Use

Adjustable viewing angle addresses bad posture which can contribute to "text neck" and other stress injuries (RSI)

Robust construction and non-slip pads for holding your device securely for browsing, gaming ....or those messy jobs

Educational Use


Compatible with your favourite device.

Got an Android tablet? or even an Apple iPad?

No matter which tablet device you use Qlic tablet stand can charge it either cable or wireless

(Wireless Receiver Patches sold seprately)


Home Use

Corporate Use

Educational Use

Working With

Leading up to the launch of Qlic and during the development process as a company we were very lucky to be able to work with a range of fantastic local companies. As of November 2016 Qlic’s creators PD Components are also proud to be members of The Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce.

Have any questions or ideas?

You can contact PD Components Sales on +44 (0)1782 822171/ +44 (0)1782 817851 or email sales@qlic.co.uk.