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Our Journey...

The Qlic journey has been a long one, first developed by PD Components in 2014 Qlic was developed to be a wall mounted permanent tablet stand. After a conversation with a colleague regarding the use of tablet devices in schools, Qlic evolved into a desk mounted version.

As an avid bunch of tablet users we noticed a few issues with other stands on the market……

  • Once you began to use your device the stand would move across the table and in some cases collapse all together.
  • The stands available did not seem to be very hard wearing, how can a bit of plastic hold your tablet securely?
  • If the battery was low we could not find a stand or docking station that would support the tablet while it was being charged. The docks were either too small to fully support the tablet, or the cables simply were not long enough to reach the place the tablet was rested.
  • As an office of multi tablet users we also noticed that most stands were brand specific, we could not find a stand to fit our iPad and our Samsung.

Charging facilities were added to the design in 2016 after a fruitless internet search to find a stand that would support all our tablets and enable us to charge them while in use.

Qlic is our first consumer ready product and with countless retailers and distributors already lined up we are confident it will Qlic with you too!

Meet The Qlic Team

Qlic is lucky to have an amazing team of supporters behind the project right from the very start. We have been lucky enough to work with lots of amazing local companies, and we will continue to do so in the future.

The team behind Qlic have worked unbelievably hard since day one to ensure the project ran smoothly and nothing was missed….

Gerry Foskett

Managing Director of PD Components and Qlic’s creator, along with Paula Corden (General Manager) saw a gap in the market and took full advantage of his design experience and contacts in the far east to produce what you see now. Qlic’s design changed several times to make sure customers would be getting exactly what they needed from a luxury tablet accessory. Listening to customers needs and wants Gerry also came up with the basic version of Qlic aimed at the education sector.

Paula has been with Qlic from the start and her financial and operations experience has been vital in the processes needed to bring Qlic to life. Paula has liaised on a daily bases with our partners in the Far East to ensure that Qlic’s quality meets the demands of our customers. As well as dealing with the logistics needed Paula has also been a massive support to the design objectives needed for a consumer ready product.

Paula Corden

Andrew Foskett

Andrew is our Graphics and Media designer. Andrews role has evolved massively since Qlic first began, his ideas and designs have been incredibly important to the branding and future branding of Qlic. Andrews fabulous work will continue to be seen as the Qlic brand evolves.

Andrew also maintains our social media platforms and collates the reviews on Qlic.

Tony joined the company in December 2016 and his role was completely new to the company. Tony as our warehouse manager is an integral part of the team ensuring that Qlic is delivered within an acceptable time frame to all of our customers.

Tony Parker

Mo Foskett

Mo is a director of PD Components and her continued support of the project has been immeasurable

Nika is our Procurement and Quality officer based in the Far East. Nika has visited all of our partners and her work has been and will continue to be, of vast importance to the manufacture of Qlic and its associated products.

Nika Wong

Mrs Ann Millington

A kind supporter of the project.

Leading up to the launch of Qlic and during the development process as a company we were very lucky to be able to work with a range of fantastic local companies. As of November 2016 Qlic’s creators PD Components are also proud to be members of The Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce.