Qlic Compatibility

Qlic Stands are ideal for holding your smart phone or tablet up to 12″ screen size (or even a book)

Qlic stands are compatible with most Tablets and Smart Phones for charging.




Android and Windows devices are usually fitted with either micro-USB or USB-C Connectors

Qlic Cable can be connected to your Android device.  Larger tablets may need rotating on the stand depending on their port location.

Apple devices are also supported with Qlic Cable L

Windows Devices are also supported using USB-C or micro-USB charging connection.

Wireless Charging

Qlic Wireless supports most smart phones with integrated wireless charging system such as Samsung Galaxy S6 and later.

For devices without wireless charging, we supply Receiver Patches which can be connected to the charging port and affixed to the rear of the device usually inside your protective case or wallet.

Both Smart Phones and Tablets can be converted for use with Qlic Wireless Stands.

Your device will also be compatible with our Qlic Wireless desktop charging pad.  Check out our Accessories page.

For Apple device users -Sorry, Qlic Wireless Receiver patches for I-pad and I-phone are not available yet – but are coming soon.

To support the charging functions please check the following items.

Connector Type.

See the adjacent picture and compare with your existing charging lead.

Connector Position

Most devices are compatible for cable charging.  Larger devices may need rotating on the stand.

For wireless charging, if the charging port is central on any face, your device is compatible.

Qlic Stand Models

Qlic Basic       –  No Charging provision

Qlic Cable M  –  Cable charging for devices with micro-USB connector

Qlic Cable L  –  Cable Charging for devices with Lightning connector

Qlic Cable C  –  Cable charging for devices with USB-C connector

Qlic Wireless  –  Wireless charging for devices with integrated wireless charging.

Qlic Wireless can also be used with devices fitted with a Qlic Wireless Receiver Patch.


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