Qlic Cabinets for Educational Use

Qlic also produce Storage and Bulk Charging Cabinets for Qlic Stands, available in 3 models and 2 sizes.

Each Cabinet provides storage for 16 Qlic Stands and a charging facility for 16 x 10” tablets, secured in a lockable Cabinet.

Cabinet 1 is a small footprint design measuring W500 x D750 x H980

There are 8 rows of charging trays each accepting 2 tablets.

Cabinet 2 is a low height design measuring W1000 x D500 x H750

This provides 4 rows of charging trays in 2 columns each accepting 2 tablets.

Charging versions include cable connection for either Apple i-pad (lightning Connection) or Samsung Tab (micro USB connection)

Wireless charging versions are also available.

Used in conjunction with Qlic Wireless receiver patches attached to either Apple or Android tablet, the cabinet offers a fast automatic method of keeping the tablets charged ready for use.

Cabinet 1 has lockable doors front and rear, Cabinet 2 has lockable double doors

Both cabinets are mobile for moving to different locations.

Both cabinets feature automatic charging of tablets at the push of the central button.  This delivers a fixed 2.5hr charge to all connected tablets before automatically shutting down.

The Cabinet includes;

  • Storage for 16 Qlic Tablet Stands
  • 8 x Dual sliding trays for 2 devices.
  • Automatic charging timer
  • 240V Power Supply Unit with 2m cable and cable storage.
  • Steel Construction
  • PU Tyre Castors,
  • Top surface protection mat
  • Lockable Doors
  • Kinsgston Lock facility plus security loop to secure against theft.
















C2061-A300 Cabinet 1, Cable ChargingApple Devices
C2061-A301 Cabinet 1, Cable ChargingAndroid Devices
C2061-A302 Cabinet 1, Cable ChargingUSB C Devices available c2018
C2061-A303 Cabinet 1, Wireless ChargingAll Devices
C2061-A400 Cabinet 2, Cable ChargingApple Devices
C2061-A401 Cabinet 2, Cable ChargingAndroid Devices
C2061-A402 Cabinet 2, Cable ChargingUSB C Devices available c2018
C2061-A403 Cabinet 2, Wireless ChargingAll Devices

Qlic offer Cabinet bundles including stands for educational use.

Please call for details.


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