Business Use


Designed for those working at their desks, Qlic provides an adjustable viewing angle for comfort, with a sturdy construction that gives a stable platform in use.

Useful for those on the go, the Qlic stand provides a fixed location for charging, use wireless charging for tablets and smart phones without searching for the elusive cable.

Qlic stands are useful in meetings and for presentations, in reception areas or as a media terminal.

Corporate Use
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Good Posture

The risk of repeated stress injuries such as neck and wrist pains when operating devices like tablets is alleviated by using Qlic stands.  This allows your employees to work efficiently with good posture.

Permanent Solutions

Qlic stands are robust, designed for extended use in business and provide a hands free platform for day to day tasks.

The stands can also be permanently installed on any flat vertical or horizontal surface which provides versatility for any workspace.

Ideal for reception areas, log in stations and exhibitions.

Corporate Use


Qlic Basic is ideal for any corporate setting as it offers a stable platform for holding the tablet at the optimum angle. Also provides a great versatility of use for any setting


Qlic Cable supports all smart phone and tablet devices using a micro-usb connection. Qlic Cable also supports most Apple smart phone and tablet devices using an MFI Lightning connector.


Qlic Wireless supports devices equipped with in-built inductive charging and a separate wireless patch receiver may be purchased for those compatible devices

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